Improving the tourist offer

Lead Partner: " Improving the tourist offer of the region Kuci THROUGH THE USE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY" - Capital City Podgorica

Danube Region Strategy START

Project partner: Danube Region Strategy START : "Danube ICT Clusters' Sustainable Cooperation for Smart and Inclusive Growth" DANUBE ICT - 17_PA08-C2 - EU

Cross-Border Cooperation Montenegro-Kosovo

Project partner Cross-Border Cooperation Montenegro-Kosovo: "Harnessing innovation & entrepreneurship in cross-border region of Kosovo and Montenegro" 2015-16 - EU

Agrifood round table

Sole Organizer: Agrifood round table 2016

Agritech International

Sole Organizer: Agritech International 2017

Infofest 2018

Sole Organizer: Infofest 2018 – 3BICT Network Annual Conference


Project partner: SEE ICT Positioning region as a competence leader internationally and identifying interesting markets for regional companies - GIZ


Integrated Social Welfare Information System (ISWIS) /UNDP


Support to establishment of Monitoring Management Information System (MMIS) for Regional Housing Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro -Phase I/ EPTISA


Regional Housing Programme Monitoring Management Information System Phase II- Further Development, Deployment Including Hosting and System Administration Services -Phase II/ EPTISA

ID documents

Personalization of personal ID documents and procurement of blank ID documents for Ministry of Interior / Muhlbauer ID Services GmbH

eGovernment portal

eGovernment portal of Government of Montenegro / Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications


Upgrading dynamic web portal of e-governance – E-governance, the second phase / Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications

Upgrade eGovernment portal

Information system for monitoring the implementation of the program of professional training of persons with high education / Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications


Development and Installation of software for Issuing, Printing and Recording Visas/ UNDP Montenegro

Electronic voter identification system

Electronic voter identification system / Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro

Geoportal for quality monitoring

Geoportal for quality monitoring of Montenegrin sea waters and System for automation of public procurement procedures / Public Enterprise for coastal zone management of Montenegro

Geoportal for Montenegrin electronic communications infrastructure

Geoportal for Montenegrin electronic communications infrastructure / Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services of Montenegro


Geoportal of electrical infrastructure / CEDIS (Montenegrin Electric Distribution Company)

Geoportal for Cadastre of green areas

Geoportal for Cadastre of green areas of the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica / Municipality of Podgorica

Central Tourism Registry

Central Tourism Registry / Ministry for Sustainable Development and Tourism

Informational system for spatial planning, urbanism and construction

Informational system for spatial planning, urbanism and construction / Municipality of Tivat / Bar Municipality / Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection

ePetitions web portal

ePetitions web portal / Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications

Document management system

Document management system / Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services of Montenegro / CEDIS (Montenegrin Electric Distribution Company) / Public Enterprise for coastal zone management of Montenegro

Montenegro Country Spatial Plan

Montenegro Country Spatial Plan / Ministry for Sustainable Development and Tourism

Detailed Spatial Plan

Detailed Spatial Plan of highway Bar-Boljare / Ministry for Sustainable Development and Tourism

Municipal Spatial Plan

Municipal Spatial Plan of Podgorica / Municipality of Podgorica

Strategic Noise Mapping and Action Plan

Strategic Noise Mapping and Action Plan / Municipality of Podgorica

LEPS eProcurement, Lovćen osiguranje, Triglav group

Digitally transformed corporate procurement process, harmonized with procurement procedures. It includes procurement requests, inquiries to suppliers, bid evaluations, the process of debiting invoices and supporting documents

eBudget, Lovćen osiguranje, Triglav group

The system improves the usual budget planning process, providing more advanced planning functions, but also a qualitative shift during the operational work on budget preparation. Budget management has been improved on the basis of integrated processes with the procurement system, finance and documentation system. Invoice positions are allocated and debited from budget positions, and the system blocks and warns in case of overdrafts. In addition, it has mechanisms for preventive response, based on built-in predictions about the potential for exceeding budget positions.

inDMS Insurance Supervision Agency

Implementation of solutions for document system management, Insurance Supervision Agency, insurance market regulator of Montenegro.

Smartis ETG

Geoportal for quality monitoring of Montenegrin sea waters and System for automation of public procurement procedures / Public Enterprise for coastal zone management of Montenegro

HRMS S-Leasing

Software solution for managing HRM processes in the largest Montenegrin leasing company. The system digitally transforms through processes in this category, in addition to those basic and management goals.

KCCG poslovni informacioni sistem

Fiscalization of the Odoo business system, implementation of software solutions for management: finance, goods and material operations and integration with the medical information system and a modern BI solution.

Montemegro Metropolis CRM

Builten board and display sales management solution, integrated with printing and finance processes.

Securitis SGM

An innovative solution for managing security guard companies. It implies a high degree of visualization of the operations center and work in real-time mode. Thanks to the full integrability of commercial, operational and processes in the field of finance and accounting, such a digitally transformed information system provides additional value in the field of process standardization, which is of particular importance for the security guard business category. Additional benefits of this system are the implemented contract and asset management functions. A special feature is the integrated extranet portal, which has the function of presenting the course of contract implementation to clients in a transparent manner.

e-DMS (Electronic Document Management system) for Government Montenegro

Based on the EMC Documentum platform - implemented in the Government of Montenegro and all ministries

On-line Meetings Government of Montenegro (Electronic Meetings)

Portal or popularly called „Government Electronic Session“ is a comprehensive solution which covers complete process of electronic session of Government of Montenegro, and all of its committees

Implementation of DMS system (Document Management System)

Electronic Document Management System, abbreviated as eDMS, is designed to meet the needs of large number of users, namely industrial corporations, financial institutions, government and public organizations.

Unified inspection information system

The unified inspection information system has been developed in a way that fully supports the inspection processes of all inspections of the Directorate for Inspection Affairs

Implementation of system for electronic evidence of quests with the integration of MUP service RB90

System for electronic evidence of turists/quests is a unique online information system in Montenegro

Technical and planning documentation Register

User - Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism – LAMP system for tehnical and planning documents, Technical and planning documentation Register, completely satisfies the efficient and successful management of all technical and planning documentation in Montenegro

Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism – Software for Urban, Phytosanitary and Spatial Protection Inspection

URBIS is an information system intended for the automation of Urban, Construction and Inspection space protection

Clinical Center of Montenegro – Laboratory information system

The laboratory information system is intended for automation, management, control and more efficient management of a large amount of data in medical laboratories

Health Insurance Fund of Montenegro - DRG - grouping of services by diagnostic - therapeutic groups

The DRG system is a new mechanism used to calculate the financial demands of patient treatment

Citizens voice – E-petitions portal

Portal is an example of informational technologies usage, aiming to increase transparency in communication between citizens (civil society) – Government

Software for communication with citizens – System 48

The system for communication with citizens, hereinafter system 48, is a set of integrated software and hardware modules that enable interactive communication of local governments and economic systems with service users (citizens)

Information systems for support the work of the Market, Tourist and Phytosanitary Inspection

Information systems for support the work of the Market, Tourism and Phytosanitary Inspection support the processes and help the effective and efficient implementation of business processes that are assigned through legal regulations

Interactive cultural digital map of Montenegro - CultDMap

Innovative project IPA II - Its made in cooperation with Faculty of Arts UDG. CultDMap project is designed to foster innovation in Montenegrin tourism, through the digitization of cultural heritage by building new services and products to maximize usability, availability, and reuse both nationally and internationally

Strengthening Industry 4.0 by Semantically Enhanced Cyber Security - SI4SEC

The project is funded under the Program of the European Union and Montenegro for employment, education and social protection. The program is co-financed by the European Union and the Government of Montenegro. Its made in cooperation with the Faculty for Information Systems and Technologies UDG

Interreg project – Kanli Kula – A virtual walk through the medieval Kanli Tower

Visitors to the Kanli Tower have the opportunity to enjoy scenes from its past using modern technologies (Augmented Reality).

Preparation of technical documentation for the modernization of the public lighting system - Danilovgrad, Budva, the capital of Cetinje and Kolašin

CEVO, Czech Republic

Consulting services for the implementation of the SCADA project

Crnogorski elektrodistributivni sistem ( CEDIS)

Energy consulting and technical assistance on the project 'Construction of a cable car near Đalovića cave'

STRUCON, Bosnia and Herzegovina

FIDIC Engineer: Rehabilitation of six slopes and emergency measures for the rehabilitation of five bridges with prestressed concrete structure and tunnel 206 on the line Vrbnica-Bar, Montenegro

IRD Engineering, Italy

Cross-border integrated plan for water management system within the 'CrossWater' project

Regionalni vodovod Crnogorsko primorje

Water supply study of the municipality of Bar

Uprava javnih radova

Environmental remediation and monitoring program on Paljevinska, Kolašinska (Svinjača) and Tara rivers

Euroasfalt, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Brskovo Mine: Biodiversity Research and Socio-Economic Research


Development (ESIA) for a treatment plant wastewater in Podgorica

Vodovod i kanalizacija, Podgorica

Integrated Transboundary Flood Risk Management Plan in the Drim Basin in the Western Balkans


Consulting services for the preparation of tender documentation and contracts for the execution and supervision of construction works for the modernization of the section of the road Rožaje-Špiljani

EGIS, Srbija

Environmental monitoring, biodiversity assessment and waste management in the Možura wind farm

Shanghai Electric Malta / Mozura wind park, Montenegro

Montenegro's second national communication on climate change

Ministarstvo održivog razvoja i turizma

Feasibility study for the Rožaje bypass, Phase II

Uprava za saobraćaj

Construction of the Highway Bar - Boljare, section Smokovac-Uvač-Mataševo

China Road and Bridge Corporation, China